• Gourang Kumar

    Gourang Kumar

  • Rossy Dinda Pratiwi

    Rossy Dinda Pratiwi

  • Diardano Raihan

    Diardano Raihan

    Hypnotizing your mind through mediocre content around maths, business, and technology.

  • Florian Lindstaedt

    Florian Lindstaedt

    I work in analytics and finance. Find out more about me here: https://flolytic.com

  • Rionaldi Chandraseta

    Rionaldi Chandraseta

    Data Scientist. I write about DS & ML. Sometimes.

  • Amanda Chloe

    Amanda Chloe

    Fascinated by stories | Expresses inner voices and musings | Lover of memes | Dogmum

  • Max Qiu

    Max Qiu

    Who is extremely interested in data science and training himself to learn related concepts and analysis tools

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